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Curry Baude is located just outside the busy Gesundbrunnen train station in the northern Berlin neighborhood of Wedding.  Curry Baude has been open since 1989 and all the sausages and sauces are homemade from secret family recipes.

What Did I Have?

I had a currywurst with casing and fries with mayo. Currywurst is 1.50 Euro and fries with mayo are 1.30 Euro.  I also asked for my currywurst to be a bit spicier which bumped up the scovilles to maybe a 100.

My Review

The sausage was  good, a little denser than other wursts that I’ve had and the casing was nice and crisp. The sauce was  thick and slightly smoky from the curry powder. There was no sweetness to the sauce, which I liked. Overall one of the better sausage/sauce combinations I’ve had.

The fries, however, were a failure on all fronts. They were not very fresh and way overcooked. To add insult to injury, the mayo that accompanied these crusty planks of bleakness was completely flavorless.

Overall rating: Currywurst: 3.5 out of 5 | Fries: 0.25 out of 5


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  1. so u r saying the fries were the wurst?

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