Curry 7 is in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin just a block away from the Schlesiches Tor U-Bahnhof (subway station).

What Did We Have?

We each had a currywurst with casing and fries with mayo. Currywurst is 1.70 Euro and fries are 1.20 Euro. Mayo is an extra 0.20 Euro. We each also had a large Berliner Kindl pilsner at 2 Euro each.

Our Review

We were both in total agreement on Curry 7 so I combined our review into one.

The sausage was above average; crispy, fresh, and tasty. The sauce, however, was a bit of a disappointment.  It looked fine but it was not flavorful at all and it brought the whole experience down a notch. It’s too bad because the above average sausage deserved better.

The fries were OK, nothing extraordinary but nothing horrible. Overall Curry 7 falls right in the middle of the scale for us for currywurst.

Overall rating: Currywurst: 3.5 out of 5 | Fries:  3 out of 5