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The view from Amanda’s phone

Our past few days.

Chris and Beer

Chris and beer. They are BFFs. At Vagabund Braurai.


Vagabund Braurai knows what’s up.




Potsdamer Platz in the rain. We were on our way to the movies.


Crossing over the Landwehr Kanal near Mockernbrucke.


Street Art in Kreuzberg

View from the SBahn at Warschauer Brucke.

View from the SBahn at Warschauer Brucke.

Street Art in Berlin

One of the things that we love about Berlin is the street art that pops up everywhere. It’s definitely different than graffiti or tagging in other cities we have lived.  A goal I have this year is to try and learn the name of some of the artists so I can give them proper credit for their works when I post them. This is not an impossible goal – there is a lot of information on the current street art scene.


The pictures below are from the front of one abandoned building. They were all taken with my iPhone so the quality isn’t the greatest. Chris may have some to add in a separate post at some point.


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