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Per Anthony’s request

I had weinerschnitzel for dinner tonight. Chris and I together could not finish that whole plate of food. But it was delicious.


This is our week for forms and waiting in lines. We need to get our address registered, open a bank account, line up our health insurance, and get our visas approved.


Street Art in Berlin

One of the things that we love about Berlin is the street art that pops up everywhere. It’s definitely different than graffiti or tagging in other cities we have lived.  A goal I have this year is to try and learn the name of some of the artists so I can give them proper credit for their works when I post them. This is not an impossible goal – there is a lot of information on the current street art scene.


The pictures below are from the front of one abandoned building. They were all taken with my iPhone so the quality isn’t the greatest. Chris may have some to add in a separate post at some point.


We made it

We arrived in Berlin on Wednesday. After a quick Folienkartoffel (baked potato) at the hotel restaurant we crashed and slept for the next 10 hours.

Thursday was a bit drizzly, so we headed to the top floor at KaDeWe for some gift shopping. That was followed by some currywurst from Fritz and Co where we got a bit chilly standing outside to eat, so we decided to spend a couple hours at a museum.

We headed to the Käthe Kollwitz museum.  She was someone we learned about on our walking tour last October and found fascinating. This collection is fairly comprehensive, is put together chronologically with major events in her life, and is very moving.

Our outing ended at one of our favorite bars/restaurants from our last visit. Dicke Wirten in Savignyplatz is an old neighborhood place that has a welcoming, comfortable bar and, as we learned last fall, solidly good German food. We had a drink and chatted before taking the long route home on the S-Bahn so we could do some window sight seeing.

What I learned today: We stopped at the Aldi grocery store near our hotel. In order to keep the line moving, you throw everything back into your basket after the cashier rings you up and head to a separate counter to bag all your groceries. Now I won’t be the dumb American holding up the line.




Hurry up and wait

It’s 4:30 and I am sitting at JFK waiting until I can check in for my 11:30pm flight. Chris just left me to go through security for his 6:30 flight, so I have a few hours to drink coffee and read. 

He had miles on United for his ticket, but they are expensive to buy one-way, so I am taking the Norwegian Air overnight flight.   


Coast to Coast

Since March 7th:


I lost my wallet in Louisiana and had it returned to me.

I cut 11.5 inches of hair off my head.

We decided to leave Goofy with my in-laws, at least for the time being.

We are in Longmeadow, MA for the weekend, visiting my family. My folks are moving in May, so this will most likely be my last time here. It’s changed a lot, but it’s still a quaint little New England town.

Our small errands are winding down, we have secured an apartment (yay!), and we are ready to leave on Tuesday.

Longmeadow Public Green

A chilly night in Longmeadow, MA.


Two weeks from today we arrive in Berlin. 

Today we are back on the road, heading east. Dallas to Chattanooga or Knoxville. 

March 10, 2015

Transaction complete. We have sold our car. As of today we are officially unencumbered.

Enjoy the Prius, Herb! And thanks for letting us borrow it for the next couple weeks. We promise to eliminate the dog hair before it’s returned to you.

Green Chile Stew

In a fit of boredom driving through Western New Mexico,  Amanda tweeted at Albuquerque native  Marc Maron  asking for lunch suggestions.

To our surprise,  we got several replies  from him almost immediately and we went to the Frontier restaurant for some green chile stew and tacos.

Where has green chile stew been all our lives? It was fantastic! (The tacos weren’t bad either.)

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