Month: February 2015



Goofy has implored us not to pack all of his toys.


The one-way plane tickets are purchased, the movers are booked, furniture has been sold, donations have been made. We are living out of boxes, suitcases, and almost empty closets. We are eating off paper plates and down to one do-it-all skillet. We are leaving California in one week to head to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, say our goodbyes, and head to Berlin.

The basic plan is this: Chris and I head to Berlin in late March, secure an¬†apartment, visa, and bank account, and then have Goofy follow in early May. We start language classes May 5th, so we’ll have a month to explore and learn the lay of the land as residents, not tourists.

Germany? What will you do for work? How long are you staying?

Yes Germany.

We won’t be working for at least a year.

We are hoping to get a one year language-learning visa and evaluate everything after that.

What is certain: We are ready for our next adventure.

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